Online Discussion

Corona, Flight and Human Rights - (2) The situation of refugees at the Greek external EU borders

July 20, 2020

For the discussion series "Corona, Flight and Human Rights", the Centre for Human Rights Erlangen-Nuremberg (CHREN) invites experts from NGOs, politics, media and academia to report on the situation of refugees and migrants in different regions. Their contributions are moderated by members of the CHREN and assessed from a human rights perspective. In addition, the audience has the opportunity to intervene with questions or comments.

Prof. Dr. Petra Bendel and Dr. Lorenz Wiese discuss the situation of refugees stranded at the Greek external borders of the EU with journalist Franziska Grillmeier and Prof. Dr. Anuscheh Farahat (CHREN).

  • German
Monday, July 20, 2020
18:00 - 19:15

Discussants: Franziska Grillmeier (Journalistin) und Prof. Dr. Anuscheh Farahat (CHREN)

Moderation: Dr. Lorenz Wiese