Online Panel Discussion

Forced Migration, Conflict, International Protection: The »Report Globale Flucht 2024« Provides Orientation in an Complex Field (in German)

The global scale of flight and displacement is high. Impacts can be observed at all levels in regions of origin, transit and destination, including encounters, negotiations and conflicts on the ground. The complex interrelationships of displacement can be better understood by focussing on different regions, times and actors. The German annual "Report Globale Flucht" provides guidance in this regard.

In the current issue, 37 authors from academia, culture, politics and civil society explain current topics and contexts from Germany, Europe and other regions of the world in 25 articles.

In this webinar (in German), we present three exemplary contributions and clarify questions such as:

  • How overwhelmed are German municipalities really by the refugee intake?

  • Why do we need effective refugee protection in Europe?

  • And what are the consequences of European externalisation attempts for the affected regions?


  • Presentation of the "Report Globale Flucht 2024" - Christine Lang

  • Refugee migration through the Sahel - Olaf Bernau

  • Refugee protection in the European Union - Franck Düvell

  • Refugee reception as a municipal challenge - Hannes Schammann

  • Moderation: Marcel Berlinghoff

Afterwards there will be an opportunity for questions.

The event will be in German.

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