Online Discussion

Interdisciplinary Online Lecture Series: Care beyond borders: – Exploring impacts of migration, displacement and inclusion for the care and nursing sector.

Securing and retaining skilled workers in nursing and elderly care has emerged as critical challenge on a global scale. Across various countries, shortages have led to competitions for care workers and nurses on multiple fronts: between countries, urban and rural areas, and even among healthcare facilities. Despite the indispensable role of migrant care workers, a myriad of challenges persists, including obtaining residency permits, having qualifications recognized as well as practical obstacles such as language barriers and systemic knowledge.

Join us in our interdisciplinary lecture series as we embark to understand these dynamics on migration, displacement, and inclusion in care work, nursing and beyond the workplace. Drawing on leading academic research and expert insights, we endeavor to foster a nuanced understanding on intersectional challenges faced when looking specifically at retaining skilled workers in the care and nursing sector.