James F. Hollifield: Varieties of Migration States

On May 17th, 6-7:30pm CET, migration policy expert J. Hollifield presents some of his latest observations and ideas. His book “Varieties of Migration States”, which is based on 40 years of work around the globe, proposes a new interdisciplinary research agenda. It suggests expanding the notion of ‘migration states’ to a range of historical and comparative cases (beyond classical, liberal states in the Americas, Australia, and Western Europe). This ‘migration state’ concept points to the centrality of migration as a core state function and provides a framework for understanding competing interests that states face in managing migration, with a focus on the tradeoffs between economic openness and political closure — the so-called ‘liberal paradox’. Hollifield suggests to focus on ‘migration interdependence’ and to develop a truly global and postcolonial approach to understanding migration.

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hybrid event: Senatssaal, Kollegienhaus Erlangen /

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