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Here, we list a select range of websites that provide up-to-date information on the Russian attack on Ukraine, links to a selection of key documents and analyses, and podcasts of academic events. The documents and links are limited to the topics of "forced migration," "integration," "legal situation," and "war." The information provided on the websites and the reports consists of primarily analytical and/or scholarly information, as well as some relevant primary sources. We deliberately focus on essential sources to provide a short and thus user-friendly list. 

Willkommenskultur 2.0 Die Aufnahme von Ukraine-Flüchtlingen durch die EU: Vorbild für den Umgang mit Schutzsuchenden allgemein? (in German)
  • Petra Bendel

Contribution to the anthology “Wende in Europa. Ausblick auf eine neue Zeit. Berichte zur Lage der Nation” (Thomas Mirow, Publisher), pp 217-240

  • Legal situation & policy analysis
Zeitenwende in der Flüchtlings- und Asylpolitik 2022? Handlungsempfehlungen für lernende Systeme (in German)
  • Rainer Ohliger

  • Integration
Kurzstudie „Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine in Deutschland. Flucht, Ankunft und Leben“ (in German)

December 15, 2022

  • Integration
5. MIDEM-Jahresstudie: Europa und die Fluchtmigration aus der Ukraine (in German)
  • Hans Vorländer

December 6, 2022

New MIDEM annual study reveals differences in attitudes toward migration across Europe.

  • Integration
Reception and Integration of Refugees from Ukraine: The Voice of Social Service Providers
  • Abriel Schieffelers

November 28, 2022

Eurodiaconia released our report today on the reception and integration of refugees from Ukraine highlighting the perspective of non-profit social service providers. The report was released at an event hosted today at the Eurodiaconia office highlighting our members’ work to assist in the integration of refugees from Ukraine, the challenges the face, and lessons learned for broader migration policy.

  • Integration
Forced displacement from and within Ukraine: Profiles, experiences, and aspirations of affected populations

October 28, 2022

  • Forced migration
The Ukrainian Refugee Situation: Lessons for EU Asylum Policy
  • Bernd Parusel
  • Valeriia Varfolomieieva

September 16, 2022

This SIEPS European Policy Analysis seeks to explore and explain the main differences between the EU’s management of the Ukrainian refugee emergency and other major refugee arrivals in the recent past. It then considers the possible consequences of the Ukrainian refugee situation for the evolution of the CEAS and the Migration Pact.

  • Legal situation & policy analysis
Zeitenwende in der Asyl- und Migrationspolitik? (in German)
  • Steffen Angenendt
  • David Kipp
  • Anne Koch

June 27, 2022

The EU accepts refugees from Ukraine without bureaucracy. Some speak of a two-class system, others hope for overdue reforms.

  • Legal situation & policy analysis
Putin's Gulag-Based Empire Of Abduction, Deportation, & Modern Slavery
  • Brad Blitz
  • Alexandra Lewis

March 31, 2022

Single but important rare report about deportations form Ukraine to and camps in Russia.

  • Forced migration
Maintaining Mobility for Those Fleeing the War in Ukraine From Short-term Protection to Longer-term Perspectives
  • Steffen Angenendt
  • Nadine Biehler
  • Raphael Bossong
  • David Kipp
  • Anne Koch

March 24, 2022

  • Integration
How large will the Ukrainian refugee flow be, and which EU countries will they seek refuge in?
  • Mikael Elinder
  • Oscar Erixson
  • Olle Hammar

March 23, 2022

The report is based on annuals surveys and shows decreasing migration aspirations since 2014, 2015.

  • Forced migration
IAB-Forschungsbericht. Die Folgen des Ukraine-Kriegs für Migration und Integration. Eine erste Einschätzung (in German)
  • Herbert Brücker
  • Laura Goßner
  • Andreas Hauptmann
  • Philipp Jaschke
  • Kamal Kassam
  • Yuliya Kosyakova
  • Ignat Stepanok

March 2, 2022

Reception and integration potential in Germany.

  • Integration
The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Scope, Patterns and Future Development of Displacement. Short Analysis.
  • Franck Düvell
  • Iryna Lapshyna

March 17, 2022

Ukrainian refugees need security. EU’s temporary protection can’t give it
  • Zeynep Şahin Mencütek

March 11, 2022

Die russische Bedrohung der Ukraine: Was könnte das für Vertreibung und Flucht bedeuten?
  • Franck Düvell
  • Iryna Lapshyna

February 14, 2022