Brown Bag Lecture \ Neither Here, Nor There: An Ethnographic Research on The Impact of Displacement on Familial Ties for Syrian Refugees in Germany (auf Englisch)

Forced displacement is one of the most damaging experiences that any human being can undergo. For refugees, leaving behind their homes, families, friends and everything that made them feel at home can have profound and long-lasting consequences. In this Brown Bag Lecture, Shaden Sabouni will focus on exploring the transformation of familial ties among Syrian refugees in the shadow of the severe social changes they face in Germany.

She will address the following questions: How does the experience of refuge affect family relations, and what are the effects of social change on familial ties? What are the consequences of the loss of power in refugee families? What new roles emerge within the family and what roles are diminishing? How are these new roles played and occupied, and what are their wider implications? To answer these questions, an investigation into the everyday life experiences of refugees will be conducted, sharing stories of refugees that are rarely revealed in the field of migration. Shaden Sabouni aims to shed light on how the shift towards self-value has profoundly impacted the power dynamics within families and, in turn, has created new forms of relations among Syrian refugees.

Shaden Sabouni is a PhD researcher at Fulda University for Applied Sciences at the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences. She is currently working on her PhD about “The Consequences of Losing Home for Syrian refugees in Germany”. She also works as a freelancer at GIZ as a Cultural and Land analysis Trainer, gives lectures at the University of Koblenz. She also engages in Integrational Structurer for Refugees.

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The talk on 19 December 2023 is part of BICC’s Brown Bag Lecture Series “Displacement and Development” which aims to bring together conflict and displacement studies on the one hand and development respectively humanitarian aid-oriented analyses on the other. It takes place in cooperation with the project “Forced Migration and Refugee Studies: Networking and Knowledge Transfer” (FFVT), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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