Im Rahmen des FFVT-Projektes werden in unregelmäßigen Abständen die Publikationsformate FFVT briefing note und FFVT project note veröffentlicht. In der FFVT briefing note analysieren Wissenschaftler*innen aktuelle Themen und Fragestellungen aus dem Bereich der Flucht- und Flüchtlingsforschung. Die FFVT project note dient dazu, über die Vernetzungs- und Transferaktivitäten von FFVT zu berichten, beispielsweise über Veranstaltungen. Die Publikationen sind nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar.

FFVT project note 10 / 2021
  • Merlin Flaig

The workshop "(Im)mobility in international research cooperation: knowledge and partnerships between the South and North, East and West" on 22 June 2021 provided a platform for representatives of academic and policy-oriented forced migration and refugee studies networks to engage in a dialogue to explore, discuss and critically reflect on questions of structural and content-related cooperation among networks and in international cooperation projects in the field from Southern, Eastern and Northern/Western perspectives. The objective was to identify opportunities and obstacles and to come up with practical steps that we, as a community, can take to work towards more participatory and co-creative approaches in international knowledge cooperation. 

FFVT briefing note 1 / 2021
  • Franck Düvell

A central aim of the FFVT project is to specifically strengthen internationalisation in the field of forced migration and refugee studies. Thereby, it aspires to address various shortcomings identified in the ongoing debate on the politics of knowledge production. Internationalisation, however, is more than just a praxis, more than just doing internationalisation, but a concept based on critical theoretical reflections on scientific knowledge production. We thus aim to combine a pragmatic approach with some theoretical underpinning. In this FFVT briefing note, the author Franck Düvell, highlights the findings from some key publications on internationalising scientific cooperation in this field.