Contestation over migration and rights in the context of forced displacement - How do we study it?

6. Dezember 2021

The podium discussion precedes the FFVT scholarly workshop “Forced migration and dynamics of political mobilisation: conceptual approaches, comparative and case studies” on 7 December 2021. While the three workshop panels focus on issues such as diaspora mobilisation, political mobilisation for rights and acts of citizenship, as well as transnational refugee protection versus contentious politics over (im)migration, the podium discussion intends to explore and reflect on academic approaches to study these phenomena.

For this purpose, scholars with interdisciplinary backgrounds in migration, conflict and social movement studies as well as researcher-activists will

(1) present their individual research angle on the displacement-related contestation in origin-, transit- and settlement contexts,

(2) discuss disciplinary intersections and boundary-making, and

(3) identify gaps and shortcomings in the study of political mobilisation and contention over migration and rights in the context of forced displacement.

You can find the link to the event of the FFVT International Scholarly workshop below together with the registration link.

  • Englisch
Montag, 6. Dezember 2021
17:00 - 13:30
Podium Discussion


  • Kristian Berg-Harpviken, Research Professor, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)

  • Salim Nabi, MA York University, activist-researcher and migrant in Lesvos, curator of academic course “Commons & Learning to Live Together: A Migrant Intervention in the Academy Emerging from 5 years of Refugee Mobilizations in Lesvos”

  • Helen Schwenken, Professor, Sociology, Migration and Society, University of Osnabrück

  • Anila Noor is a refugee activist, Member of the Migration Expert Group at the EU Commission representing the common interest of Migrants and Refugees, and Fellow of FFVT