FFVT at the 21st IMISCOE Annual Conference (auf Englisch)

IMISCOE is the world's largest migration research network with 68 member institutes. Around 1500 researchers regularly take part in the annual conferences. In 2024, the conference will take place from 2-5 July in Lisbon, FFVT will be represented with two panels.

  • Panel Delineate forced migration research within the field of migration studies
    The panel prepares a new Standing Committee Forced Migration. It shall discuss the nexus of migration studies and forced migration studies and explore the necessity for and justify the founding of a dedicated pillar within IMISCOE.
    Conveners: Franck Düvell (IMIS), Marta Jaroszewicz (CMR)

  • Panel (Forced) Migration in and from the Global East: decentring and decolonising knowledge production
    Migration, integration and migration governance processes east of the EU do not normally receive the same attention as migration in the north or in or from the south. This we aim to challenge and change.
    Conveners: Franck Düvell (IMIS), Marta Jaroszewicz (CMR)

More information on the conference: https://www.imiscoe.org/conference/

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