Prof Oksana Mikheieva

Prof Oksana Mikheieva

Oksana Mikheieva is a DAAD professor at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. She is also professor of sociology at the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv) and a member of Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society, and the Ukrainian Sociological Association. Additionally, she serves on the editorial board of the academic peer-reviewed journal “Ukraina Moderna” and the Analytical Information Journal "East" (“Skhid”). She was a head of the one-time PhD Academic Board (2020, 2022, Ukrainian Catholic University). She has over twenty years of research and teaching experience. Author or co-author of five books and many articles, she researches a wide range of areas, including the historical aspects of deviant and delinquent behavior, urban studies, paramilitary motivations, the social integration and adaptation of internally displaced persons, resettlement strategies, and the adaptation of the last wave’s Ukrainian migrants. 

She has been conducting nine projects relevant to Ukrainian migration affairs: 

As a principal investigator 

(2020)Ukrainian Christians in USA: integration, social belonging and belief. Funded by Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC)  

(2020) Strengthening Ukrainian Displaced Universities for Sustainability (SUDUS). Program Implemented by Fulbright Program in Ukraine, Funded by Public Affairs Section of US Embassy in Ukraine - Mariupol case. Principal Investigator in sub-project. 

(2019) “Ukrainian migrants in Poland”. Funded by Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC).  

(2018) “Stepping out of the shadows. Impact of the non-registration and non-recognition by the Ukrainian authorities of the facts of life in non-government controlled areas (NGCAs) on the roles of men and women in public and domestic life.” Project number: 169251 (PAX, The Netherlands) 

(2018) “Ukrainian migrants in Paris” (Funded by Ukrainian Eparchy of Saint Volodymyr the Great of Paris). 

(2014-2015) “Present Ukrainian refugees: Main Reasons, Strategies of Resettlement, Difficulties of Adaptation”. Funded by British Embassy and Ukrainian Peacekeeping school. Project was a part of the project “Ukrainian borderlands conflicts resolution and prevention strategies” 


Сo-investigator in the projects 

(2018) Arts and Humanities Research UK Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund, Council UK with the Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security. Research ‘Mental health and well-being of internally displaced people: copying tactics and resilience in conflict-affected societies’ (grant AH/P008305/1). 

(2016-2018) Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC, UK) Development Grant - PaCCS Innovation Awards on Conflict and International development: Ukraine's hidden tragedy: understanding the outcomes of population displacement from the country's war-torn regions (Ref AH/P008305/1)]. 

(2016) Sub-project on cultural adaptation of refugees in Ukraine and surrounding countries, project "Cultural contact zones" of the University of St.Gallen (Switzerland) 


Last publications

Oksana Mikheieva (2022) Motivations of Pro-Russian and Pro-Ukrainian Combatants in the Context of the Russian Military Intervention in the Donbas / The War in Ukraine's Donbas, ed. by  David R. Marpls, CEU Press, р.61-76. 

Oksana Mikheieva, Oxana Shevel (2021) Chapter 8. The Development of National Identities in Ukraine / From “the Ukraine” to Ukraine. A Contemporary History, 1991–2021. (2021) Edited by Matthew Rojansky, Georgiy Kasianov and Mykhailo Minakov. ibidem Press 

Irina Kuznetsova, Oksana Mikheieva (2020) Forced Displacement from Ukraine’s War-torn Territories: Intersectionality and Power Geometry. Nationalities Papers Nationalities Papers 48: 4, 690-706, doi:10.1017/nps.2020.34 

Oksana Mikheieva (2020) Ordinary People under Extreme Life Conditions: War and Displacement in Contemporary Ukraine / Estela Schindel and Gabriel Gatti (eds.), Social Disappearance: Explorations Between Latin America and Eastern Europe Dossiers, Forum Transregionale Studien, Berlin, 1/2020, p.132-148. 

Mikheieva Oksana (2020) Menschen im Ausnahmezustand: Der Wandel der Alltagswelt und Erklärungsmodelle des Krieges im Osten der Ukraine. Sirenen des Krieges. Diskursive und affektive Dimensionen des Ukraine-Konflikts. Kulturverlag Kadmos Berlin, р. 345-371. 

Current migrants’ challenges: Ukrainian community in Poland. Analytical report (editor). (2019)  Lviv, UCU, 188 р. (with I.Kozlova, A.Lyasheva, D.Myronovuch, V.Sereda, D.Sudyn, V.Susak) 

Irina Kuznetsova, Oksana Mikheieva, Jon Catling, John Round, Svitlana Babenko (2019) The Mental Health of Internally Displaced People and the General Population in Ukraine. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.2590529 

Oksana Mikheieva (2019). The Impact of the Non-Recognition by Ukraine of Civil Documents in the Donbas Uncontrolled Territories (

Current migrants’ challenges: Ukrainian migrants in Paris. Analytical report (editor). (2018) Lviv, UCU, 140 p. (with I.Kozlova, D.Myronovuch, V.Sereda, D.Sudyn, V.Susak) 

Kuznetsova, I., Mikheieva, O., Gulyieva, G., Dragneva, R. & Mykhnenko, V. (2018). The Social Consequences of Population Displacement in Ukraine: The Risks of Marginalization and Social Exclusion. Policy Brief. 13 April. Zenodo. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1217838 

Kuznetsova, Irina, & Mikheieva, Oksana. (2018, April 16). NGO Representatives' View of the Social Consequences of Forced Displacement in Ukraine. Zenodo. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1247928 

Gelinada Grinchenko, Oksana Mikheieva. From contact zone to battlefield: (un)real borders of the (un)declared war in Eastern Ukraine, 2014–2016. Published in: Laine, J. P., I. Liikanen & J. W. Scott (2018). Post-Cold War Borders: Reframing Political Space in the EU’s Eastern Europe. Routledge: London. P.169-187. 

Mikheieva, Oksana (2018). S’engager pour défendre le Donbass. La motivation des combattants du conflit armé sur le territoire de l’Ukraine, vue des deux côtés de la ligne de front. Revue d’études comparatives Est-Ouest, vol. 49, 2: 21-64.  June 2018. 

Micheeva Oksana. Selbstbild im Wandel Die “Volksrepubliken” Donec’k und Luhans’k und ihre Kampfer. Osteuropa, 66. Jg/, 6-7/2016, S.185-203.